May Kratom Be Your Answer?

What’s so special about our tea?

Kratom is the leaf of a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, Mitragyna speciosa. Found in the same Rubiaceae family as its relative coffee plant, it also has some delightful properties. While not as popular as its distant cousin in the West, Kratom has been traditionally used for centuries in Southeast Asian cultures for its diverse and potentially beneficial effects. The leaf is available in its dry powdered form and in more convenient on-the-go jumbo-sized capsules. The former can be mixed in a hot or cold drink of your choice or consumed directly and chased with it.

Akin to caffeine in the all-too-familiar beverage, the active compounds in the leaf are called alkaloids. The most abundant one is Mitragynine which primarily interacts with the body’s opioid, serotonin, and adrenal receptor systems to produce a whole slew of awesome effects with minimal downsides. Are you suffering from insomnia, physical discomfort, muscle tension, a low mood, and/or fatigue? Perhaps, you’re looking for a morning/midday pick-me-up that elevates your well-being without a caffeine crush?  Here’s a brief overview of what enjoying Kratom can bring naturally:

  1. Natural Relaxation: Many people report a sense of blissful calm and relaxation after consuming Kratom, especially the Red varieties. It’s often sought for its potential to provide relief from daily stressors and aid in falling asleep.

  2. Enhanced Focus: Some individuals use Kratom to improve concentration and promote mental clarity, helping them stay focused on tasks at hand.

  3. Energy Boost: White and Green varieties with small serving sizes can also provide a substantial jolt in energy and vitality levels.

  4. Mood Elevation: Kratom has been associated with mood-enhancing effects, offering a natural lift in spirits and a positive outlook.

  5. Pain Relief: Traditionally, Kratom has been used by Indonesian and Thai farmers to soothe their aching, tired bodies after backbreaking labor they endured. Nowadays, savvy naturopaths find it helpful for managing physical discomfort and tension.

  6. Reduce Cravings: A lot of people suffering from addiction find that Kratom alkaloids offer an alternative to many substances of abuse, both physiologically and psychologically.
  7. Overall Well-Being: Users consistently report an improved sense of balance and well-being with Kratom as a part of their daily routines.

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