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Farmed Green Dragon Kratom

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The Farmed Green Dragon Kratom is what you need to slay the mid-day slumber and sluggishness. Have an urgent yet complex task to accomplish, but your bleery eyed and tired hands do not feel up to it? Give them a boost with this powerful yet affordable strain from JK Botanik arsenal.

If you came to experience the ultimate in sustainable, eco-friendly yet potent kratom, you have found the right place. Sourced from a traditional Southeast Asian farm and carefully cultivated by experienced farmers, Farmed Green Dragon Kratom is 100% natural and free from additives or fillers.

Our Farmed Green Dragon kratom is rich in mitragynine, which provides energy, focus, and mood enhancement, while also containing high levels of alkaloids that support discomfort relief and relaxation. JK Botanik’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and ethical sourcing means that you can feel good about using our product.

The farmers use traditional methods to harvest and dry the leaves, resulting in a high quality product that is potent and pure. We also only work with farms that prioritize fair wages and safe working conditions, never using harmful pesticides or chemicals in their cultivation process.

Order online now to experience the benefits of our Farmed Green Dragon kratom strain and feel good about supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices!

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(1kg/4x250g/2.2lb), (250g/8.82), (100g/3.53oz), (28g/1oz)

1 review for Farmed Green Dragon Kratom

  1. MadSunny2020 (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! I’ve been taking powder for about 3 years and this was the best I’ve had in a very long time. Currently purchasing more! If you need a pick me up in the middle of the day this really will do the trick and go above and beyond.

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